Hello and welcome to ths page. This is a personal, non-commercial website without any specific purpose more than being my personal corner on the web. The site also serves as a way for me to practice html so expect from time to time some broken links and a lot of "in construction" areas.

I have no intention of posting political, triggering or sensitive stuff on here.

Also please excuse any grammar mistake as English is not my first language.

I really don't know what to put in here aside from random pictures. I could just delete this box but I don't like how the site look without it.

Anyways, don't use Google Chrome, even Edge is better. I personally use Firefox. Opera is also good.

Currently playing:

  • Splatoon 3
  • Cult of the Lamb
  • Needy Streamer Overload

  • This month:

  • 09-09: Splatoon 3 release
  • 09-18: Fiestas Patrias (National holiday)

    1. 09-24:

      • Kirby shrine added.
    2. 09-19:

      • Flip phones shrine added.
    3. 09-17:

      • Shrine section created.
    4. 09-15:

      • Changed index colors
    5. 09-12:

      • Neocities profile enabled
    6. 09-09:

      • Added webrings section
      • More minor layout changes
    7. 09-08:

      • Added Random Video section
    8. 09-07:

      • Added Velvet Webring Widget to site
    9. 09-05:

      • Added Null Webring and Hotline Webring widgets to site
      • Added About section
      • Changed Collection layout
    10. 08-22:

      • Added My Cat section to Home
    11. 08-20:

      • Added Links section to Home
    12. 08-19:

      • Index layout changed


    Site Guide:

    • Home: main page.
    • About: you are here.
    • My cat: i have all the rights to show my cat to the world.
    • Links: more websites, some in neocities.
    • Collection: blinkies, stamps and all of that.
    • Shrines: A page with all the things I like.

    About webmaster:

    • Name: PyPriAt / Pya
    • Pronouns: He/they
    • Age: Adult (20+)
    • Occupation: University student
    • Fav. music: Breakcore, EDM, videogame soundtracks, post vaporwave, dark ambience
    • Fav. games: Kirby, Portal, Splatoon

    Hello everyone, I'm PyPriAt or Pya for short. I'm just a very lazy Chilean guy who loves computers, videogames and cute things in general.

    I've been using computers since the age of 4. But don't worry, I wasn't surfing the web at that young age. I spent most of the time playing point and clic adventures and educational games until I had proper Internet access, which was when I was still in elementary school so, it was still a young age but not THAT young.

    As you can see I'm not an expert in html, css or web design in general. I'm a real mess with fonts and colors so expect a lot of changes in the layout, wallpapers, colors, etc...

    My main reason to be here is because I don't like current social media and the general state of the current Internet. You have no idea how I HATE TikTok and dislike Twitter. I feel like everyone is posting just to pretend and please anyone but themselves and their fake moral and egos.

    I still use FB and Tumblr from time to time, mainly because I've been there from way too many years and now is hard for me to leave for real. But I still crave that little need to "be free and myself" on the Internet without having to worry about an algorithm.

    Btw you can also find me on Tumblr and SpaceHey.

    Neocities profile here