Hello everyone, I'm PyPriAt or Pya for short. I'm just a very lazy Chilean guy who loves computers, videogames and cute things in general.

I've been using computers since the age of 4. But don't worry, I wasn't surfing the web at that young age. I spent most of the time playing point and clic adventures and educational games until I had proper Internet access, which was when I was still in elementary school so, it was still a young age but not THAT young.

As you can see I'm not an expert in html, css or web design in general. I'm a real mess with fonts and colors so expect a lot of changes in the layout, wallpapers, colors, etc...

My main reason to be here is because I don't like current social media and the general state of the current Internet. I guess I got tired of seeing way too many ads (bless you Adblockers).

But I still love the Internet and I miss spending time browsing different websites aside of just Facebook and Youtube. So I thought it would be fun to try and start my own website.