This fine lady over here is called Nea. We don't know from where she came from or why she was all alone being just a kitten. But we love her very much.


She came to our lives at the beginning of 2021 the same morning my mother died. Since my boyfriend just found her near the house we don't really know how old she is or when she was born. But we like to say her birthday is the same date she appeared crying out loud scared and famished.

She loves resting behing the chimney when is cold and during winter she sleeps under the sheets with us in the bed.

She also insist in drinking water from the water tap in the bathroom despite having her very own water fountain.

Sometimes she even camp the bathroom hoping someone would let her drink some π’Ήπ‘’π“π’Ύπ’Έπ’Ύπ‘œπ“Šπ“ˆ tap water.

Overall she is very clingy, very talkative but also well behaved. She spent most of the day sleeping or looking out the window. If she wants to play she will ask us since she doesn't like to play with her toys by herself. She also doesn't like to sit in our laps but loves to rest with her butt next to us.