Favorite characters

Meta Knight Kirby Bandana Dee Susie

There's no actual cachacter that I hate or dislike. If I don't like them I'm just indiferent.

If I ever said I "hate" a character is always as a joke.

Favorite games

Kirby's Adventure
My number 1 favorite, my comfort game and the one that make me fell in love with the franchise. To be fair, due to technical improvements I'm putting the 3DS remaster over the original NES game but I'm still counting them as the same game.
Keep reading I really prefer this one over the GBA remake Nightmare in Dreamland. Maybe it is because I played this one before the GBA version but even after playing it I still think this one has more charm. The limited used of colors and the moving backgrounds are something that makes me see this game as more "magical" than the remake. Sure the GBA version have better graphics and more polished gameplay including the new Meta Knightmare mode but since a lot of GBA and DS Kirby games kinda reuse the same assets as KNiD to mee it the graphics feel more "generic". And my biggest pet peeve, the removal of Meta Knight during normal gameplay. The fact that his first introduction was as a random npc that came out of nowhere just to give you an Invincible Candy followed by a battle encounter with his knights made me wonder "who is this guy? why is he help- is he even helping me?". So of course I was looking forward to meet him again and again until I finally had to faced him as an actual boss. But this anticipation for fighting against this ally? villain? was totally gone in the remake since you could only fight him and/or his crew. No more candy encounters in the middle of the journy and of course not the same anticipation. Just a little detail but still to me the lack of it affected my game experience.
Kirby Planet Robobot
My favorite modern Kirby game and the one with my favorite soundtrack.
Keep reading The only thing I regret about this game is playing it before Triple Deluxe. I'm not saying TD is bad, but I really find Planet Robobot way superior. From a graphic and playstyle perspective is the exact same. But, I think the Robobot Armor is way better and fun that the Hypernova. This is also the game that made a part of the community, including myself, realize the franchise has lore. The soundtrack is one of my favorites, not only for the new tracks but because of the ton of remixes of old tunes in a more electronic style. The even used dubstep in one track lol. The game also reused my favorite track from Kirby Air Ride, and any reference to that game is a pro to me. And they have possible the best rendition of Inspection the Factory in all the franchise (aside of, of course, the original track.).

Special mentions

Kirby 64
Another comfort game just for the nostalgic vibes.
Keep reading I used to play a lot of N64 games when I was a child but sadly Kirby 64 wasn't one of them. Still the music and graphics feels really nostalgic for me, that kind of "fake but not really fake nostalgia" since as I said I used to play N64 games. Is just one of those games that wakes up my inner child. I got a Japanese copy of the game for less than 5 bucks just a couple of years ago. It's not like the game has text that I need to understand (and it's not like I can't read the japanese text on the menu screen.). The only main difference are tha presence of an onigiri in a cutscene and a kanji-based layout for the hud.
Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
Not exactly my first Kirby game but the one that made me knew the franchise. (I already played the first GB game but at that age I didn't really knew what or who was Kirby, I just played it and immediately forget it.)
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I'm not saying the final boss was lame but

And yeah yeah, another story about a depressed person who played a happy game and then felt better. One summer depression kicked hard and my boyfriend, wanting to cheer me up, remembered "this game from his childhood" and how we could played it together (on an emulator). This isn't exactly my favorite game but I have really great memories thanks to the multiplayer with him. Now one of my goals is to buy two GBAs, one for me and one SP for my bf, 2 cable links and one copy (I already have one) of the game so we could play it on real hardware.

Favorite soundtrack

Individual tracks