Light novels

Since 2013 there's been a serialation of light novels based in the Kirby franchise publised in Japan, written by Mie Takase and ilustrated by Tau and Poto Karino.
Have in mind that these novels are set in their own unique canon meaning theydon't correlate to the main game series. The light novels are their own thing.
They have their own canon, their own interpretation of the characters and even their own interpretation of some game events.
Since these novels are aimed to young readers you can expect light dialogue and plots.

English translations

Note: None of the translations are mine. All the credits are in their respective links.

Kirby and the Dangerous Gourmet Mansion Kirby and the Big Panic in Gloomy Woods Kirby Meets the Squeak Squad
Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess Big Race in Pupupu Land Kirby’s Labyrinth Rescue
Kirby and the Great Planet Robobot Adventure Meta Knight and the Galaxy’s Greatest Warrior Kirby Clash Team Unite
Kirby’s Decisive Battle! Battle Royale Kirby Star Allies: The Great Friend Adventure Kirby Star Allies: The Universe is in Trouble
Big Trouble in Patch Land Save the Rainbow Islands Super Kirby Clash Team’s Big Battle
Kirby and the Search for the Dreamy Gears Meta Knight and the Knight of Hades Uproar at the Kirby Café
Kirby Fighters: The Destined Rivals King Dedede’s Great Escape Mission Mysterious Incident on the Pupupu Train!
Kirby: Welcome to the Starlight Theatre Starcutter and the Lying Wizard Kirby Discovery: Running Through the New World
Kirby Discovery: Break-out from the Isles of Dreams! Kirbys Dream Buffet: Perfect Circle Full Stomach Kirby: Sever Evil with a Slash in a Flash!
Kirby: Come On Over to Merry Magoland!

Traducción al español

¡Kirby y la peligrosa mansión gourmet!