All my dreamphones

Because sadly I don't own any of them

Motorola Razr (2004)

A timeless classic. If I have to imagine a flip phone full of cute phone charms is definitely this one. Basically the y2k phone. Used to be really popular till late 2006 but, at least in my country, it was a very expensive phone. Even thought it was trendy not many people really have it here. Nokia phones were more common and affordable at that time so the Razr endend being a "dream phone" for a lot of people. As far as I know in USA the story was different.

LG GD580 Lollipop (2010)

A simple but also very cute phone. This is also a phone that I tend to imagine with a ton of phone charms. The pixel design in the front is actually a LED panel you can customize. It turns on when receiving a call.

Blackberry 9670 (2010)

What do you get if you mix a cool Blackberry phone with a cool flip phone? A way cooler hybrid! Ok, no, this phone was a total failure but the design still rocks. To me this phone is still peak design and I would buy one just to flex the fact is a mix between a Blackberry and a clamshell phone.

SHARP Aquos Hybrid 007SH (2011)

The first clamshell Android phone. To be honest I don't really have too much to say about this phone. It's a flip phone, it runs Android and the design is pretty simple but also very elegant. Just your standard Japanese flip phone. The only downside might be the Android version, which is 2.3 Gingerbread. You can't really do too much online with an old Android version like instaling and updating apps or even access to de Playstore. But you can still use it for calls, SMS and if you know how to, you can install external apps without using the app store.

Fujitsu F-06D (2012)

Exclusive to Japan. I feel like if you google "kawaii phone" this should be the first result. The cute design is not only for the outside. It have a lot of cute pre installed wallpapers, themes, ringtones and apps. A really cute phone in the inside and outside. It have English language support btw.

K688 Hello Kitty (201?)

From a (probably) chinese company named Laimi, you can find these pretty easy on Aliexpress and similar pages. As you can see in the picture it's main appeal is being Hello Kitty shapped, or at lest shaped like her head. Aside of making calls and sendings messages you can't do really too much with this phone. It doesn't have internet/data connection so of course you can't download games/apps to it, but it has a MP3 player, a 3MP camera and an SD slot which at least for me makes it a very simple but also very cute emergency phone.

Samsung Galaxy W2019 (2019)

Another clamshell Android phone. Since this phone is from 2019 is running a more modern version of Android that the SHARP one, 8.1 Oreo to be more exact, meaning you can perfectly use it as a regular smartphone to look at your email, social media and download more apps and games. The other main feature aside of being a flip phone is its dual screen. That's right, this bad boy has 2 touch screens, one on the inside like any normal clamshell phone and a second one on the outside allowing you to use it as any other smartphone, just thicker than normal.

And what about modern flip phones?

Foldable phones aren't exactly flip phones but more like an evolution of them. They can still count as flip phones tho, just without a physical keyboard and, the main difference, in order to fold the phone you need to fold the screen. To be honest I find them a little bit overpriced. Yeah you pay more for the fold feature but the components aren't exactly high end in comparison to other phones on the same price range. I would love to have one of these phones as my regular phone but the high price, the not so high end components and the high risk of ending with a broken screen are still something that drift me away of buying one. But I'm hopefull that one day more companies would start to make their own foldable phones lowering the prices since they aren't something "new and unique" anymore. And of course I'm wating for that day to come. At the moment is impossible to buy the Motorola or Huawei one in official stores in my country. The only options avaliable are the Galaxy Flip and Fold. Still can't decide if I prefer the Motorola or the Samsung one. I sadly don't know much about the Huawei one.